Medha Hazari

Having been raised in a family of doctors, I was always drawn towards the field of healthcare. I consider myself lucky to get the opportunity to work in the industry in a variety of roles. I started my career with Infosys in its Life Sciences division where I was involved in catering to the IT needs of Fortune 100 healthcare companies. Later during my MBA, as a part of the Life Sciences Academy at Indiana University, I consulted , essentially from a business management perspective, for a medical equipment firm as well as Clinical Sciences institute. More recently, as a marketer for a tech start up, I am responsible for conceptualizing and selling mobile apps to clients in the healthcare domain. These broad range of experiences in the industry have helped me understand the trans-formative power of technology. I believe if leveraged appropriately, technology can very well help achieve the three overarching healthcare goals of reduction in costs, increase in quality of services and improved access.

This blog is an attempt to articulate my experiences, share interesting ideas and maybe, curate intriguing articles too. I also welcome your comments and hope we can generate an interesting dialogue in the process.


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